State Lines: Poems for the Journey Home, Preston Hornbeck


Author: Preston Hornbeck

State Lines is a collection of poems creatively penned from cities around the world, inviting readers into their own quest for home: a place of love, safety, and belonging.

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From exploring the raw moments of grief and tension that come with loss to the excitement of traveling the world, State Lines is a daring collection of 62 poems that invite readers into adventure and vulnerability. Creatively penned in cities around the world, this collection is seamlessly woven together by a quest for home: a place of love, safety, and belonging.

128 Pages | Gold & Light Publishing | Released: June 21, 2020

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Preston Hornbeck is a poet, potter, and community creator.

Originally from McKinney, Texas, Hornbeck now resides in Redding, California, where he writes, creates, and works for Bethel Church. He enjoys time in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, and derives most of his poetical inspiration from nature and his faith. 

Find Preston on Instagram: @prestonhornbeck


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