Meet the makers

The hearts behind the work.

Preston Hornbeck

Preston Hornbeck is a poet, entrepreneur, and community creator.

His first published collection of poems, “State Lines: Poems for the Journey Home“, was penned in cities around the world over the course of six months. During this, Hornbeck processed deep loss and diligently searched for his own “home” within.

In his second book, “At the Woodline: New Poems,” Hornbeck captured a warm follow-up collection exploring stillness, nature, faith, and the heart from a posture of rest.

Speaking with gentleness and strength, Hornbeck has a way of safely walking readers to vulnerable places. 

Originally from McKinney, Texas, Preston has also lived in and is closely connected to Redding, California, and Sophia, North Carolina.

He now resides in Dallas, Texas, and derives most of his poetical inspiration from nature, everyday life, and his faith. He works as an entrepreneur on a number of projects and can often be found reading poetry in a local coffee shop, playing sports, or collaborating with other creatives.

Find Preston on Instagram: @prestonhornbeck

Cait MacDonell

Cait MacDonell is an author and photographer.

Cait was born and raised outside the city of Portland in the lush green state of Oregon. At home, she is a wife to a loving husband and a mother to a roaring toddler. She’s also been a photographer, missionary, children’s pastor, and executive assistant.

Sealed, Not Healed is Cait’s first book. It was written in her lounge in Edinburgh, Scotland, alongside a cup of tea. Cait never dreamt she’d write a book about motherhood until she became a mother herself.

Find Cait on Instagram: @caito.co

Rachel Yumi Chung

Rachel Yumi Chung is an artist and illustrator based in Virginia. She graduated from Christopher Newport University with a BA in Studio Art. 

Growing up, she was inspired to create by working alongside her mother. By watching her mother be a cultivator of beauty through the ways she would decorate her childhood home, art was nurtured into Rachel’s upbringing and she was inspired to pursue art. 

Rachel paints from the perspective of a world full of whimsy and joy. She desires to use her work to celebrate the beauty that life has to offer. This theme is expressed through her color palettes, brush strokes, and patterns. She works mainly in the mediums of gouache and watercolors. 

She communicates joy through her stunning use of bold and vibrant colors and delights in celebrating the friendship and diversity of women. 

Recently, she has worked with the Darling Magazine publication where she designed a puzzle for their “Better Together” collection. She currently is dreaming into working on illustrating children’s books and hopes to continue to create art that speaks hope and life into the world.

Find Yumi on Instagram: @yumiincolor

Chanelle Hall

Chanelle Hall loves to champion beauty in many aspects of her life. She lives dynamically as a leather maker, Physical Therapist Assistant, consultant with Beatuycounter, and leader in her church and community in Saint Joseph, Missouri. 

In 2017 she attended the 18Inch Journey, led by the Cageless Birds, where she learned how to sow her first leather journal. In 2019 Chanelle was their Leather Goods intern, making many journals to stock their online store and assisting with their other leather products. Since then she has continued to make and invest in leather, believing in the power of crafting a lasting home for thoughts, ideas, and art. 

Leather making has been a place of enjoyment for her as it has a certain grit to it from start to finish. Every cut, puncture, and reinforcement makes each journal unlike any other. The hide comes with its own organic markings and most journals have different organic edges for the closing flap. Thus rendering a journal completely its own for the writer or creative to keep for seasons to come. 

She hopes to keep pursuing leather in the days ahead and continue to pursue beauty in her mundane moments while giving others the gift of the work of her hands with journal making! 

Find Chanelle on Instagram: @nellemoni

Jonathan Pease

Jonathan Pease is an artist, graphic designer, and creative director located in Redding, California.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jonathan was surrounded by art and design for as long as he could remember. A love of creating art later turned into a love of graphic design, which ultimately became his profession. Jonathan has now spent close to a decade designing and directing for multiple large churches in California and local clients who are growing their own brands.

After years of working in graphic design, Jonathan has returned to the brush to create colorful, abstract gouache paintings. Jonathan’s artwork is informed significantly by design, where shape, space, color balance, and movement are at the center of his pieces. His attention to detail and structure that he used in graphic design works as a balance for the expression and emotion seen in his brush strokes and color choices.

When not at his desk, you will probably find Jonathan enjoying the company of other human beings, as he loves being involved with how people grow, move within life, and chase their dreams. As such, he counts it a privilege when his art or design intersects another person’s life.

Find Jonathan on Instagram: @jonathan.pease

Charlotte Pell Schwartz

Charlotte Schwartz is an artist and creative who recently relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio.

From a young age, art delighted Charlotte, both making and experiencing it. She grew up in a family of creatives on five acres in the woods, in a town just north of Charlotte, NC. It was there that she learned to work with her hands, appreciate beauty, and draw inspiration from the world around her. 

With an art teacher for a mother, and a brief stint in art school herself, Charlotte has experimented with many mediums, including graphic design, drawing, oil painting, ceramics, calligraphy and textile art. Most recently she has found joy in embracing working with acrylics, graphite, and charcoal. Ever evolving, Charlotte’s current body of work is inspired by growth, change, light, and connection with the Holy Spirit.

When not in her studio space, Charlotte works at a houseplant shop called Fern, enjoys drinking a good cup of coffee, and serving alongside her new husband at Vineyard Cincinnati Church where he is the youth pastor. She hopes to pursue finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts once settled into her new home.

Find Charlotte on instagram: @wildflowereyesco